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:: STAND UP and get ready to feel and groove

Groove school is in session and when you’re taught by the Headmasta, your body will give you straight A’s

DJ Headmasta (born William Sai Jayaraj Anthony) spins the best hip and funky tunes. His mixes thrill your soul straight through your ears right down to your toes and your body just has to respond.  Soulfully struttin his Afro, you know this brother lives and breathes his music, and the World is taking notice. Recently voted VMAs 2010 Best DJ (Club) winner, this talented artist can be experienced in a number of major cities.




Since he was 6 years old, Headmasta had been touched by break-out 80’s beats that gave birth to a whole new generation of music and music lovers. From that decade came the emergence of teen pop, new wave, electronic music, the use of the synthesizer and the introduction of Hip Hop and sampling. Inspired by one of his six older brothers with a penchant for collecting cassettes and vinyls, his passion for the catchy, funky tunes of the era had been ignited. Together, they tuned in to songs by Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and new wave bands like O.M.D, Depeche Mode and Erasure.

By the age of seven, Headmasta was also inspired by another brother’s interest the jaw dropping and sensational moves from the movies Beat Street and Breaking (released in 1984),  Headmasta was then hooked on the world of breakdance and eventually joined his dance crew.
It wasn’t surprising then that Headmasta chose to work part-time jobs at pubs and nightclubs while attending school so he could be surrounded by music. Inevitably, the DJ was born.
Bonded by music, his circle of friends included other deejays and he learnt the art of disc jockeying from observing, spinning and learning from his peers. His firm belief that music could educate, heal and rejuvenate the soul made him eager to perfect his art form and free people with thumping vibes and electrifying pulses. His heightened sense of mixing, dedication and versatility on the decks eventually earned him his nickname – Headmasta.



Even with his Afro hair and laid back dress sense, the multi-lingual Headmasta established himself as a respected deejay within just a couple of years. His name spread through the music industry as a talented spindoctor with an aptitude for almost any genre of music.
Furthering his craft at the Latin Heat club - El Nino he specialized in spinning Latin music namely Salsa, Merengue, Latin Pop and Reggaeton. Well known for his ability to read the crowd, he was sought after by agents and club owners.
His incredible agility for mixing, creating new flow and keeping the masses pumped throughout the night is a testament to his technique. Headmasta’s reputation also includes being known as “one of the best” in coordinating grooves and repertoire with live bands. Requested to perform at one of the world’s top 5 exclusive clubs - the London-based international Hilton chain Zeta Bar - recognized for celebrating the exclusive lifestyle of the rich and famous, Zeta boasts a high-end patronage with fine tastes for chic tunes and a lust for dance.


:: HIS SOUNDS < Play now >

Headmasta’s roots started with R&B, Hip-Hop, funk and soul. After years of listening and spinning these genres in clubs he slowly developed a keen sense for house music and was influenced by DJs and producers like Daft Phunk, Roger Sanchez, K Klass, Faithless, Juan Magan and Marcos Rodriguez, Dario Nunez, Carl Cox, David Vendetta, Gregor Salto, Jesse Garcia, Blanco y Negro, Gadjo, Steve Lawler, Shapeshifter, Laidback Luke, Grant Nelson, Tom Novy, Jean Claude Aedes, Claude Challe, Jose Padilla and other maestros of the pure house and chillout music world.


:: Headmasta’s famed residence at renowned clubs.
- Zeta Bar, Hilton Kuala Lumpur
- El Nino, Latin Heat Club
- Musictheque, Istana Hotel
- Uncle Chilli’s, Hilton Petaling Jaya
- Bar Flam, French-Italian Club
- Cafe Flam, Sunway Boulevard


:: Featured Gigs.
- Sunset Parties on Penang and Tioman Islands
- Groove Jam Session at Peppers 2 in Hilton, Borneo Island
- Malaysian Independence Day Celebration open-air Party in Kuala Lumpur
- Bangsar Street Jam Party, Kuala Lumpur
- Spazo Club in Malacca (a former Portuguese colony)
- Penang Tropical Beach Party at Park Royal, Penang
- Groove Junction Original Jams Sessions


:: Stage experience with professional foreign bands
- Southern Glow, South Africa
- Faze 4, South Africa
- Earth Beat, Canada
- Starband, USA
- Master Plan, USA
- Flashdance,  Canada
- Too3K, UK
- Souled Out, Canada
- Common Culture, Trinidad and USA
-Tropi Carrebe, Columbia
- Caribbean Dreams, Columbia


:: Stage experience with international bands
- On the decks for Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s before and after-party for singer Debra Harry of Blondie
- With Earth Beat and INXS lead vocalist J.D. Fortune while he sang hit song Pretty Vegas at Zeta Bar
- With son of Ras Shorty I, Soca Music’s legend, founder and campaigner, Isaac Blackman of Love Circle at Groove Junction.

:: Invited deejaying experience
- Opening act for Jose Padilla, Grammy Nominee of Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza fame
- Opening act for Claude Challe, Pioneer and Maestro behind the Buddha Bar Club compilation series and world phenomenon
- Closing act for Stephen Pompougnac, the legend that brought us the Hotel Coastes series
- Opening act on two occasions for DJ cum Producer Ravin of the Buddha Bar Club in Paris
- Was MC for the DJ Havana Brown Show, the number 1 female DJ in Australia, known also as Rapper turned Producer Kanye West’s resident DJ at his private house parties
- Opening act for Charles Schiling, DJ to fashion houses such as Versace and Armani others of the same calibre in New York

:: Future Plans.
There is more to the master plan than just spinning to please. Headmasta plans to own a record label and also sign with other record labels. He hopes to produce different types of house genre by adding cultural music aspects to his productions that would be acceptable to all ages.

Headmasta believes in keeping the passion for music alive because music is the voice of emotion, it brings people together and has the power to end conflicts.



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